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Curry-Wille & Associates (CWA) has provided consulting engineer services for over four decades specializing in, but not limited to, agriculture.  CWA has consulted on projects throughout the United States with construction costs ranging from a few thousand dollars to $50,000,000. Our staff has experience working with a wide range of clients, from single producers trying to obtain EQIP funding to universities developing 25-year Master Plans. We are currently licensed in over 25 states and have the ability to be licensed in all states depending on need.

CWA has diverse design experiences and engineering abilities. CWA engineers are experienced in civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical designs. We have developed and engineered agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial designs ranging from foundations to full-scaled buildings and structures. Our staff has the capability and flexibility of providing consultation to your initial planning or providing full in-house A/E services. Our clients find that our diverse experiences and abilities help them find creative, effective, and efficient solutions to their complex problems.

CWA has completed a wide variety of projects over the years. Each project is unique and designed with the highest standards. Find out more about CWA diverse experience by clicking on the photos under the project categories.

Featured Projects

The following featured projects are a sample of projects CWA has done over the past few years. Click on the photos to view a detailed desciption of the projects.

Champagne Auburn ISU

holdrege cory woolstock

sanborn platteville



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