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Brad Bond


Brad attended Iowa State University (ISU) in 2004 where he began his college career in Agricultural Engineering. As an undergraduate, Brad was employed part time by ISU assisting university researchers with agricultural drainage research projects throughout the state. He graduated in 2008 with his B.S. degree and continued his education becoming a graduate research assistant within the Agricultural Engineering department at ISU. Brad’s research topic focused on controlling and treating runoff from open beef feedlots using a vegetative treatment system as an alternative to using a traditional storage basin. He received his Master’s degree from Iowa State University in 2010 and accepted a position with Curry-Wille & Associates as a Project Engineer. 

Brad has extensive experience working with manure handling and treatment systems particularly with vegetative treatment systems and has an excellent environmental engineering background dealing with agricultural water quality issues in both livestock and various other agricultural activities. Brad has served as an engineering consultant on many agricultural and commercial projects. He has extensive experience with controlling, treating, and storing runoff from livestock facilities, regulatory permitting requirements, pump sizing and manure routing, secondary containment structures, and general environmental concerns. Brad has extensive knowledge on various types of best management practices (BMPs) such as waterways, terraces, tile systems, vegetative treatment systems, as well as their implementation.